So you want to download all these pictures... You think we'll just let you do that?
Yes we do! We encourage every step to spread soshi love in this world.
There are two ways you can download our pictures
First method, download pictures one by one:
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Since we have some space here, let me tell you something about the staff behind this website.
This website was made around september 2011 (yes that is last month) in around 3 days and is run by the following people:
Person whose name starts with an M nr 1 - Coder guy who likes snsd on stage and in variety shows and who even has an account on soshified.. has too much time on his hands.
Person whose name starts with an M nr 2 - Dude who doesn't really like snsd but thinks Sooyoung is hawt.. Draws missing limbs on pictures and complains about our search system since nekkid sooyoung gives no results. R.I.P <3
Person whose name starts with a V (or does it.. hmmm) - Tagger person picked up from the streets<3.

Since SONES come from all over the world we have multiple servers serving you your soshipapers:
Roubaix France = 'EU', 'AD', 'AL', 'AT', 'BA', 'BE', 'BG', 'BY', 'CH', 'CZ', 'DE', 'DK', 'EE', 'ES', 'FI', 'FO', 'FR', 'FX', 'GB', 'GI', 'GR', 'HR', 'HU', 'IE', 'IS', 'IT', 'LI', 'LT', 'LU', 'LV', 'MC', 'MD', 'MK', 'MT', 'NL', 'NO', 'PL', 'PT', 'RO', 'SE', 'SI', 'SJ', 'SK', 'SM', 'UA', 'VA', 'CS'
Los Angeles USA = 'BD','BT','IO','BN','KH','CN','CX','CC','HK','IN','ID','JP','LA','MO','MY','MV','MN','MM','NP','KP','PH','SG','KR','LK','TW','TH','VN','YE'
Los Angeles USA = all other countries

Got complaints, bugs, your country on the wrong server? feasible suggestions?
E-mail to (mail [%at%] (yes i know it\'s a completely different domain but /lazy)